Our Story

Danon & Co came into existence five years ago when we decided to showcase the best of Greece through our digital presence.
We armed ourselves with our photographic equipment and a flare of creativity and off we went seeking to capture and source the best Villas in Town. Mykonos, Paros, Kea, Sifnos and many more. We knew quite a bit about rentals we had been actively involved for many years so everything else fell perfectly into place.
Our endless desire to offer our Hellenic hospitality to the highest standard motivated us to seek excellence in every aspect of our groundwork. We don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Our Approach

We stay close to our clients from the beginning of their journey on first contact. Our aim is not the sale but the perfect Villa match in total transparency, using our in depth knowledge and resourcefulness whilst remaining fully committed to our valued ethics.

Our Vision

We aim to create ever lasting joyful memories by offering exceptional services throughout our client’s journey.

Our Team

Sophia is a founding member of our Team. A graduate of International relations she has many talents including photography, the art of hospitality and the ability to find solutions to complex problems through her analytic mindset. Such diverse attributes have contributed to our Team’s success.

Dale is the newest member of our Team tech savvy and an HR specialist. He is skillful in providing state of the art concierge services with his welcoming approach, a great communicator and a wonderful personality, our happy clients are a testament to this.

Robert is the entrepreneurial spirit behind Danon & Co. A founder of the company and a well-seasoned traveller himself, he has a deep understanding of the luxury travel industry with over 20+ years of experience in luxury property rentals and development. A dynamic personality and multilingual in 4 different languages, he easily finds common ground with both clients and partners alike. Always striving for excellence, his vision is to develop the company based on professionalism and integrity.